Having this time together

Having this time together

Among the clothes we wear, a thought takes shape around the living being shaped of molecules laughing, when she asks for my ID a second time, so sure I had changed that much in a minute! Just between you and me: chopsticks, table, plate, cloth, window, haze, your eyes, hands’ gesture, habitual like everything we do.

What of the greens? 58 shades of green we named, with stages of each from birth to death to remains, shadows in the world we walk through. We know asparagus, avocado greens, but the rifle green, the office green, the Russian green. And oh, the celadon.

We have so much to learn! we have lived so long to forget, having roots in grass and grow, and in it, the treason of naming, as to hold you named is to own, to fathom.


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