Distance enthralls

Distance enthralls


Distance enthralls flight patterns

as seen by controllers, who intersect from the outskirts

of perspective or depth, simply flagged to avert

further catastrophe. But they packed the black box

and now it’s up to high altitude intersections.

Varied heights refresh to show current position

to the earthbound.


Dumbed down flight lines as seen on tv

are for those who need more time to care, are busy

in dense nexts, all the better without care

for distances.


It’s the lapped map that’s causing distance

confusion down here; from here to there,

to there, consequent stops and starts,

and unavoidable tolls, alas; with all cares in the trunk

or strapped to the roof, lengthy stops now unlikely—

never mind tempted interests and bodily

longings, from here, to there.


Be aware of anticipatory hunger, the convenient

store with scripted scenario, permission to eat

empty, the feeble road markers that count backward

from yet an unknown end.


Caution the list of sights to miss that unknown to you

beckon forever from hidden valleys or lit mesa tops

beyond well placed arrows and stands.

It’s only in passing

that a life loses context,

passing between points before landing

unceremonied, far from any source.


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