Galaxies repeat

Galaxies repeat


With some discomfort, now

apparent: galaxies repeat,

suspended at outskirt

of known limits, mute,

luminous lines suggest

tracing, repeat extraction:

“as a weaver draws thread”

from a point


or as a weaver

draws thread from meta-

galactic undreaming, suggests

to an unschooled dreamer

at the sill of knowing—

multiplicative empty,

is now trailing in.


The untrained gestures

an opening to repressed thought,

having within a repetition

of looking out, lost in the limit

of reachable light.


If out from the warp

of extracted dreaming,

of drawn threads,

is one sign of suspense,

a light thought trace,

gathered for eternal repetition

in space.


This impossible, this distant

thought explodes in substance

that outlines souls of hung

galaxies, from threads of

repeated gesture


pulls through from galaxies

we assume illumine other far places,

impossibly threaded, as far as any

held hand in the comfort of this room.


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