augury sequence

augury sequence


tautologic birds as signs—

twitching along worn, migratory

paths, as lightest bones and flights

toward east where lines drawn

are not kept


as hours blend within segued limits,

dreaming beings must wake,

eventually trothed with blood

and semen to nourish the earth,

assumed for centuries

an all-absorbing



entrusted to smoke patterns, decisions

in a fractal universe means the next move

may erupt from below; mouths, eyes,

pelvis echo though birthrights increase

ever skyward


as do abilities to bounce back

from gutting, as if the center

for thriving in these lower planes

can be ripped out


as if futile ghosts could ever

choke a fire fed by



as below, no longer above; aspired effort

to see—tea leaves settle

in a glass, or a hand passing over cards

can tell–doubtsafe and sacral,

makes love in the farmer’s field, this time

for life itself


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