as an oblate

as an oblate


white dappled sky, as if just any time

can repeat such a phrase at that height.

can the safety of breakfasts protect us?

could this rock unlock motion? Born

of motion to lie here sleeping. What will

come of us?


with eternal context for this patio—

fusion of years in systems, through trials,

that holding the fingers just-so

heals the body of traveling pains.

Then watched, till everyone who ate,



wall the garden to deflect threats

to impermanence.


breed the humble

seed into a web of visions,

a buzzing-opolis of hive life.


the silent ones converse in nectars.

Roots and hairs waver in the unseen

moon-pull. Having hawk-eye view of sky’s

underside, is that all is below, and before

is above. By before, meaning, before

before. “In flight” before birds.

as a forethought pushes up

through the hardpan.


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