though elements clash to find each other

new, a surge in bonds

result from fusion



conditions are such. as from within,

where “in” a labyrinthine

place to dwell


pummeled in last night’s rain—

a wasp staggers to the peak

of a rock, a dove mills about

the pockmarked sand—


all of us, too, transpire

on a timeline that roots

in explicable fathoms. try

to explain, but words are new

in the grand scheme of gravity


such as words fall, desert rain

drops the depth of sound

and hails intersect two fronts

in refusal to bond. here crawl

moribund awe, no,



wait for a season to start

and surge in periodic dramas,

within a scale only understood

by limits, where any prayer

for release returns to earth

as on a line wrote

from a known source




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