Concurrent proofs

Concurrent proofs


“Each life is an encyclopedia, a library, an inventory of objects, a series of styles, and everything can be constantly shuffled and reordered in every way conceivable.”

“Natural languages always involve a certain amount of noise that impinges upon the essentiality of the information.”

–Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millenium (“Multiplicity”, “Exactitude”)


“. . . Here we are, without a doubt, still having doubts!”

–Wang An-Shih (1021-1086)




External messages complicate woven patterns—trade routes change

as people change, as substance moves outward to peripherals



Hands steady

on the trembling,

ongoing attempts

to find the



as route




Growth circles expand,

synthetic threads

looped loosely

around sign posts


Hands reach

through interior

net, the shape

and texture

of Deep Space



Aerial perspective: air,

water, smoke, millions

of molecules crowd the skyline

of light, agitative



What truth, what proof,

travels deep in molecular




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