Drawn from defects

Drawn from defects


Riots of reject hues

minute vi

brations against the intercept


loving interpretation or

distrait wonders through




Best to love deeply as a flaw

than to skim pretty-pretty—

even as depth

inflicts the spiral


into scrap-heaped un

shining moments


Love the defect deeply as the only

sure thing


Please, reflect for now

one, a pool

of defects, as if chosen

by you for specifically



Please accept mirrors at pressure,

pretend you imagined them first,

not the interlope we share

through transduced zones

of winnowed light

and false starts which are

the only



Paint brush number 12—broad

and simple—with its own hand,

a series of force from source

to source


Listen: anonymous

translation in process

captures the original voice,

at a volume, multiplicative

so brush size

rarely a factor


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