depth cues

depth cues


half in the sun, half

out, the right leg in halves,



implies divisions are tactile,

set in motion by an Ur

gesture, breathing in,

out, to let go,

as the declination



we can agree

the horse stands

at the far side of the blue

fence—we agree


but inclined, his nose

on the near side, reaches

for hours—


and the eye in residual

motion sees only

a crossing


I see motion

only after you move—

thought surfaces

across your face

a second before


I feel in my heart

a depth charge


I used to think wild

berries grew as the fruit

of dreaming; from within

the green and the dark,

such sweet, and bitter gestures


so knowing the circuitous

route of a songbird, the way

the other animals move

without obligation

or codes of reason


you can never trick your mind

to undo what’s done; objects

absorb as much as they can,

and reject the rest, which is

where we find ourselves





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