opens hues only known

in passing—


the mind precedes

and follows by long



reach in, the image

swirls in displacement—

as known principle

that forms the earth,

her fragment moons

so ejected


leave aperture open and you’ll see

what they mean this is only

one phase of the question


sound- and scent-

triggers: bullfrog brooding

in the ditch, creaks the branch

against the trunk in the wind


our continuous kin, opens all windows

and screens thus replaced—


winds through gallery of all remnants

now displaced


weaves meaning, a unit

untethered from perception—

often the scale is wrong the words

wrong, but kinesthetic impulse,

auto correct


I’m telling you, I didn’t hear

what you heard. Song bird’s opteryx

lineage. Aquifers’

abduction. A honey bee

dies inside a flower. All

is meanwhile—


I fear I have no reason

to return, to intercept

of perception

and words




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