Fathom line

Fathom line


sounding line with fathom points

in areas of known depth


or, off soundings,

interpret as:



a sinuous line connects all points

similar, thus the contours

wide enough

to encircle

with extended arms


this morning is other mornings

while singular as to be never lived again


can it be that two people in a photograph

ascend into ruins and look around—

at an extent, outside limits familiar

with no way to lift even one of the stones

that form the arc overhead, hears a voice

skip surface across gray walls

having yet to seep down


that rows of faces on the bus are vibrations

in glance and gesture, repeat

all the way, long after destination,

with plastic sacks of fruit,

and handmade purse in rainbow

hues, as tribute at the feet

of correlation


vegetal cognition turns away

from a cobbled city where alas,

trinkets fall into the palm as bound

morphemes, as in pre-

un- ness-and -y, and cannot

stand alone as a known


and in an alley, an anonymous

dog barks repeat, laying claim

to this territory


where, within the lines, the same word

means to attach and to sever;

as a seine net gathers

every object spanning yes

and no


the sound of light in waves

as the dark part of the morning



re-emerges as ululation

between source

and surface


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