solve for x

solve for x


in the aftereffect,

too much noise—

the trucks came and emptied

all our variables


since, reassigned


a lack of concurrency

is now the main line




it’s the bystanders

with questions to answer,

lacking warrant to enter the site


you decided not to—

frequency of story—

line broken by intermittent



but it was a decision?

among all possible decisions

the sky seemed bigger than it is,

at least as conjured


pull it down tight,

to limit the options




as drawn from a photograph,

lines lock depth


to know tricks

at the lock, to know

atmosphere, to know

by hand the image

rejected by the object


a confession, ok,

continues, regardless


for someone else to unravel—it’s not

the size, it’s the overwhelming


are we inside

the number?


please speak your name


the pause

is that which–

we are inside

the number


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