saint -somebody-


saint -somebody-


in a sweat

time contracts but doesn’t change

I have the uncertain role

of presiding

over miniscule

pebbles in the rain

the rain drops to preside

“they have such beautiful. . . “







at the edges

she wore the crown

and then, in prison,

thought it was good

to overthrow the trust

to the musical note


in the early morning the high

letter –c—is the high point

but her necklace

at the




cast shadows

illusion of a fire

on central


cut into

her daughter—

to unlearn boundaries


to cry out

at the edge of dying




she was burned

she was hanged

she was drowned

she sank


she was scratched

she was robbed

she was raped

she was dismembered

she was shot

she was only waiting to see whether she was

damaged or

left for dead

or instruction



having a hand










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