Notes: Photographs

Notes on the photographs on this site

All photographs unless otherwise cited, are photographs that I have taken over the past decade. Many of the images are recent photographs taken in New Mexico, while hiking in the Bosque along the Rio Grande river, in the Pecos Wilderness, the Jemez Mountains, San Gregorio Wilderness, etc.

You will also see photographs taken with a Russian Lomo camera, or a Holga camera, or a pinhole camera made from a can. Examples include the image that accompanies my post on Inspiration, taken with the Lomo, and the post on Cesar Vallejo’s Trilce  taken with a Holga, with intentional triple exposure.

Alas, I am no longer developing film. However, I have always enjoyed taking photographs to capture a view of my surroundings. I have always seen the moment of pressing the button as the moment to express an opinion or perspective, which is why I see photography as art. It can never be purely documentary, unless, I suppose, the images are taken by an automated machine.

I do love reading theory about photography; my favorite essay is by Charles Baudelaire, French poet and art critic, from The Mirror of Art; Baudelaire expressed concern about the commercialization of art that accompanied the popularity of photography. Baudelaire was a close friend of Nadar, the great caricaturist and photograpic portrait artist working primarily in the mid 1800’s. Both men experienced the birth of photography, which in truth, was not that long ago.

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