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index iv.

index iv.


relationship of two

vanishing points when a person looks

directly toward the center of a room


location and characters



when two persons look directly

toward the center of a room

may be unified in scale

and hour


but not to endure, a location

where imitable habits of grandparents

that to live, are no longer


the new picture requires

rearrangement of vanishing points

minus a referent


requires a diet

of the next

favorite show

of salt, newsprint,

apple juice, a slice of Wonder


time passes quickly, for an eternity


on its side, a shelter can be decorated

with bricks for furniture, inside, strings for a guitar,

a table with removable segments,

a partial collection of puzzles and card games


layers of carpet and red brick,

formica, hand sewn fabrics,

wires behind drywall, and a roof

joins the house

to the sky


the area outside the frame

viewed with the so-called corner of the eye,

as an entity in itself









post facto

post facto


inhabitable space

behind a word

like freedom


will no longer hold


now, walls

enclose the walls


i ask you to remember

the dancer’s movement


outside the confines

of a spotlight


free of any stage

or constellation


attribute, subjunctive



if i could begin again



i’d disrobe the dark


write my way through

subjective memory



i’d arrow me an opening,

and move,






at odds on the landscape,

between here and the wellpump


what have you

may be enough





unwrap the remainder—

how many years now?


of the gift into






the point in question was not—

outside of doors,

the home state



not the Place,


the feeling





at the first snow fall,

lines on her hands



it’s not the matter.

who curates the fixity?


directed from within



uncertain the fate


of these trees