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glass + fragment

glass + fragment


temporary verse, an avenue

look sideways, no one returns a look

dark shapes glide across the glass


possess or interpret the gesture,

only edges are visible

tremor, a sudden thought

of relation


lost in reflex—stand mirror to an eye.



after car drifts past, the carriage

of untelevised moments,

thus accidental,



(the interior

of a window

its own




at times a tree bends or a window directly across hides a world it’s Chinatown a lady’s on the roof hanging laundry it just started to snow tv news reflected on the inside smoke has engulfed the yard or pigeons on a wire in the country they say doves a dog paws a cool place to press the whole body to the earth the glint of memory engulfs the mind, again and again and again






dawn light at ease

in the bedrock


the conjunction

very little sleep





night and language,

a symbol disappeared into

liquid depths,

neck broke


now ankle-deep, walks

from the flooded field





the length of a bird’s



numbers become







in the old tree





grey wooden fence

two Canada geese

wire and brick through peeled stucco

yellow weed in the sidewalk

storm-sky through wires

no sign




news of a murder

on tv—

invisible forces.


Within a constellation,

imperceptible movement.


An alarm




The vertebral body










Creativity and Courage

How many times do you hear someone say, “I wish I was creative” or “I can only draw stick figures”?

I admire people who go against the inner voices that tell them “you can’t” and who try anyway; I had the opportunity to overcome some of those voices.

In spring 2015, I felt burdened physically and emotionally by a grueling work schedule, personnel “challenges” that made day to day work difficult, with no end in sight to the relentless avalanche of paperwork. I felt a sense of sadness that perhaps in giving up teaching for an administrative position I have given up my true career. (While teachers are in demand in New Mexico, the pay is low and conditions are not great; I would have to spend time and money to get licensed in the state, etc., etc.) When in an emotionally dark time, it is so easy to see the “can’ts”, isn’t it?

I made a decision to sign up for painting classes that started in June [2015], as a “light” to keep me going. I am not one of those people who says “I can’t draw”, however, painting remained an absolute mystery. I had painted, but my paintings always seemed cartoonish, and I could not fathom how to start when faced with a blank canvas.

After the very first class, I was struck by the uniqueness of each person’s work. As our first exercise, all eight of us painted the same philodendron, “Phil”, and you could see some of us were more expressive, loose in our brushstrokes. Others were more precise, more detail-focused. Even though we used the same color palette, our personalities showed through our color mixes. No two paintings of Phil contained exactly the same green, although green is merely a mix of blue and yellow. Some of my classmates claimed they could not draw, yet every painting was beautiful!

When you start to feel like a cog in a machine, or stuck in a routine that starts to feel meaningless, remember this. Cherish the uniqueness of how you see the world, and enjoy the unique qualities in others’ perspectives. In our uniqueness is our strength; skills can be learned, it just takes time.

My first ever painting . . . Phil!

“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.”
― Deepak Chopra

This post was originally posted on my previous blog, in October, 2015.