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confined to a wall

limits of original language


head or hand


human form, architect

the collarbone,

linear air


in shadow,

tender, and

thrumming, a half lit

halo dances along the wall


why follow one source?


pattern of sound,

a hand waves the air


spider’s web thin–

juncture, a note










Words as blades

words as blades


How to count–

ena, pena,

 pera, pedera

notches in bone-time


count each word among the cut

among the weather voice,

millenia-high cloud

to earth hard

hand held knife.


Glint not a word, glint

liquid, or liquid-sharp points

through sinew.





notions of distance

notions of distance




where the body hurts,

pattern experience


an attempt is only to live

as someone else,

to extend—

an outline of the unknown


you sound out the remnant

the brief



passing through the room

an apostrophe interlopes

an alphabet


the top curvature of a cloud


news breaks whether or not


arbitrary reading from left to right

and down


a distinct echo


hands and mouths,

layers of gods


lightning from behind the mesa



notions of distance




borrowed language

borrowed language


a glimpse from the week’s



commute sentences

under dusk cloud’s



we’ve lost some words

while we prepare for saturdays’ sleep—


welkin, wellaway,

where- and forthwith


between breaths, unsaid


we know future

as “up”, due to

heightened field

in which objects

we approach



while we half-talk half-

eat at the table,

the light outside changes—

honeyed light rises

through the roots of grass blades, up

through the trunks of weed

trees, and in distant heights,

the orchard’s unripe fruit



an evolution among words

displace above our heads,

move at their own will,

seek rogue poems