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not yet the story

not yet the story


it was matter

mixed with




of light


it was she seeing,


against afternoon light





impossible reflection itself—

a glance of water surface


dark shadows and sky


—to enter


as crossing a foreign wall




always an outside




it is said messages

come from within the nest—


difficult to track—


footprints continue to evolve

at each windburst




lyric in the underbrush


sky sky





breath breath






and the song





drawn lines in the palm


illusion of gratitude or

an emptiness to wander


the old road for the sake—

is not yet the story








the photograph shows

irregular glow of lights

on the freeway below


but telegraph your lights,

since the wires

can be read

out of context


just below, is here

where there is only

ever now



or beast, split

the double secret

is that I said

I am, to act, con



radiance is the artifact

of a former innocent state


insects, rodents,

birds have long under

stood–you have to hide

in order to live


it’s only

when reaching in

to the spiraled nest

you know how many

want to take your place—

when disrupted, nascent

hives are the epidemic

that is the new norm