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Veils of code

Veils of code

Hint of aftermath—along the route. To claim damage potential as an act. From a safe position, film every action-reaction as a neat package. Best to leave part to the imagination. Best to write loose across a wide page. Precision will come later. The route widens with so many people and people in cars. Routine movements within, and stop, and go. A loaf of bread, espresso. There is nothing to complain about, so sigh. A thin residue on the glass is not bipolar in/of itself. The bird highway baffles as always. One in the front, and a view from the back.

It appears we’ve lost the route; rain in veils. What’s left out in the rain? (It never rains). Without the sky, we’re aimless. Pulse of blood in finger tips. A leaf fell from a full tree in the rain. It never pays to be at the front where the action grows. A stunt to find another route. Let the words trail off the page. Only the birds are certain of their actions. The phone in my pocket breeds code as a desperate stunt to find a new route.


not even a town

not even a town


mud-black knees,

tunnel through hours—


but they were silent.


in-fluent veins of grass


conversation in threads,

the hours


at the ends or beginnings

of threads


an entire sky


web of threads


to get a sweater from the house


thereafter, the test

of an equine confidante


black plum relevant to time

and space


water in the foot print


water in the gopher hole


rain-wet birth of the spring creatures

balled, or translucent, wedged

in the soil


the red flag is up

on the mailbox



hiss on the road


an unseen person

humming into a task


a generational field

yields a warning sign


an analogue feline

fades into memory




saint -somebody-


saint -somebody-


in a sweat

time contracts but doesn’t change

I have the uncertain role

of presiding

over miniscule

pebbles in the rain

the rain drops to preside

“they have such beautiful. . . “







at the edges

she wore the crown

and then, in prison,

thought it was good

to overthrow the trust

to the musical note


in the early morning the high

letter –c—is the high point

but her necklace

at the




cast shadows

illusion of a fire

on central


cut into

her daughter—

to unlearn boundaries


to cry out

at the edge of dying




she was burned

she was hanged

she was drowned

she sank


she was scratched

she was robbed

she was raped

she was dismembered

she was shot

she was only waiting to see whether she was

damaged or

left for dead

or instruction



having a hand