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index iv.

index iv.


relationship of two

vanishing points when a person looks

directly toward the center of a room


location and characters



when two persons look directly

toward the center of a room

may be unified in scale

and hour


but not to endure, a location

where imitable habits of grandparents

that to live, are no longer


the new picture requires

rearrangement of vanishing points

minus a referent


requires a diet

of the next

favorite show

of salt, newsprint,

apple juice, a slice of Wonder


time passes quickly, for an eternity


on its side, a shelter can be decorated

with bricks for furniture, inside, strings for a guitar,

a table with removable segments,

a partial collection of puzzles and card games


layers of carpet and red brick,

formica, hand sewn fabrics,

wires behind drywall, and a roof

joins the house

to the sky


the area outside the frame

viewed with the so-called corner of the eye,

as an entity in itself











the dawn walk—

not yet fully



remember, now

as the season of crows


a hand in similar

shape, but





behind fences,

they do

what they want


no consequence


(voices whisper





the old Mason—

granddaughter in a princess cart,

together on the dirt road


I have questions

about the density

of matter


of hands holding

genetic pattern




plants push limits, repeat

limbs in fractals


till they feel enough

the sky


ladders, the product

of a finite will


there may be a shadow

in this yard

that joins us