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a priori

a priori


not so evident in the boundary

of my skin


the dawn toll


a (mis) nomer


fed to the city noise

an other—




a ruthless calm


within the stagnant

fountain, miniscule

creatures move


they listen with their feet


all the manmade

hollows, the cobbled

secret, the causeway,

the dead wires




and nothing to fill it—




the dreamed incident

totters and tilts


(             how I do neglect

my origins)


winter method

winter method


sound wavers within the altitude


small grains move between here

and the horizon


locus of the principe


territorial boundaries


in the repeat story,

as canyoned as marrow bones




a conifer grows northward

toward an anonymous star—

only a percent


ultimate joys



these roots gently in leftover nebulae




too, a story of fog—



stand up, begin slow movements

toward the hearer




hoof beats absorbed in the sand—

the she-horse escapes

east, down the road


everyone waits outside