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Words as blades

words as blades


How to count–

ena, pena,

 pera, pedera

notches in bone-time


count each word among the cut

among the weather voice,

millenia-high cloud

to earth hard

hand held knife.


Glint not a word, glint

liquid, or liquid-sharp points

through sinew.









Blurred total,

absent the blind area,

out of reach of the pendula,

the bird arc.


An unseen violence

must be undone to complete

the image,


origin, Ur,

of urge,


reciprocate habit

of looking through and past, but only

a half-look, like a move

through the half open door.


Better to not look on the hour.

Better wait longer, to note changes,

otherwise feel a fool to the primal




Elements are around you—no use

gathering them,

or they overwhelm.


Multiple avenues just out of view

must converge

as all things do,

but the unifier is missing.







this poem cannot be proven

this poem cannot be proven


as a proof,

as if mapping the ocean floor

in verse sky maps


the moment facts come forward,

line outline

with blank center—

leaves turn yellow

as a consequence of breathing


in/vertical dilation—

time slows down

when measured

by a fast moving observer


a sentence can’t be both true

and false,


and somnolent,

latinate and hand



certainty undoes

itself, in bark patterns


by bore beetles


event horizon

where time freezes,

hands fall

to our sides