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natural method

natural method


resolve, to capture

the renegade story,

the “r” that drops without effort;

hum an imprecise self,

hover above a wood floor as a

ghost—between adobe, a window, and a phrase

invented to keep away

from raging impermanence,

undertow of the closest light source

to bang our bodies against






this poem cannot be proven

this poem cannot be proven


as a proof,

as if mapping the ocean floor

in verse sky maps


the moment facts come forward,

line outline

with blank center—

leaves turn yellow

as a consequence of breathing


in/vertical dilation—

time slows down

when measured

by a fast moving observer


a sentence can’t be both true

and false,


and somnolent,

latinate and hand



certainty undoes

itself, in bark patterns


by bore beetles


event horizon

where time freezes,

hands fall

to our sides